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A photography project by Greta Punch, containing images of LGBTQ identifying people from across Australia (and hopefully, soon, the world).
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Ella, 18, Lesbian

What do you think think the future holds for queer people?

I think it can only get better from here on. I think, in any sort of rights movement, there’s going to be steps backwards while we’re trying to move forward. People are going to do stupid things, but as an overall, even just in the time when I’ve been alive, I’ve seen such a massive change in people’s outlook, and I think it can only get better from here on.

Who knows, and how did they find out?

Pretty much anyone who’s close to me knows, my friends know because I told them, although some of them suspected it pretty early on. My family knows… well, I used to live with my grandparents and I slowly broke it to them - I gave them little pointers and then one day, quite abruptly I said “You guys know that I’m gay, right?” and… yeah, that was kind of how I came out to them.
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